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Rasnabakes – The Cake Enthusiasts haven


Rasnabakes – an appealing little outlet – is a haven for premium quality cakes for every day as well as very special occasions in one’s busy life.


beautiful cake



A gift or little self-indulgence – their confections hold you with the everlasting aroma of freshly baked goodness, the scrumptious taste pulls you with unstoppable bites and nutritious wholesomeness makes you feel the more you eat the less it is.


cake pics



They make each cake or box of cupcakes appear unique by discussing the minuscule details for the final product to come the closest to what the client wants and making it the highlight of any occasion.



cake pic



About the baker

The driving force behind Rasnabakes – Rasna Gulati – is the owner, head baker and the designer, creating inspiring treats to reflect love and passion of life, living and giving. Rasna is a certified nutritionist working in the field of food and nutrition for the last 15 years. Christmas is her favourite season as its all about spreading good cheer with cakes taking the central place along with the wishes. She can spend hours making Christmas edible treats and rum-raisin cakes.



cake images



Her main focus being the cake studio, Rasna says, “I am dedicated to creating only the highest quality cakes and believe that cakes should taste as good as they look! At the same time, I pour my heart & soul into each cake to reflect the personality of the person it is for”.

cake image




Look and feel of the outlet

Generally a pick up place for the confections, the small outlet has been tastefully done with pleasantly soothing and inviting decor and some bar stools for the people who want to spend some time there reading the amazing books on food, cakes and cookery the outlet has


cake picture



What all confections the outlet has?

They offer a wide range of customised and regular cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, cookies and if you have a last minute requirement then you can turn safely to this place.



cake pictures




The pricing is at par with some of the best known outlets in Gurgaon.








They also have a long list of eggless stuff for the people who just want to have eggless confections. They charge little more for the stuff as compared to the same confection baked with egg.








In a nutshell, all the items are creative and delicious at the same time.






Come down to Rasnabakes for a bit of love, warmth and a whole lot of sweetness!


Rasnabakes Address

Sapphire Mall, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

+91-9999 900901 (Rasna Gulati)

+91-124-405 4184


Open Hrs: 11 AM to 10:1 PM


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Origin of Cakes & Best Cake Shops in North India











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Cake – the word is believed to be coined from Old Norse ‘kaka’ during Middle English days in the 13th century. The round shape of cakes has come from ancient Greece to honour the Goddess of moon – Artemis.


Ancient Egyptians started making sweet breads using honey and soon unleavened bread became sweet-yeast bread and this modified bread product was initial cake. During 18th century the method of whipping eggs was used to make the cake rise.







In the 19th century with the invention of baking soda and then baking powder, availability of regulated temperature ovens and sugar becoming affordable the old version of cake took new shape and thus came into existence the modern cake. And now there are numerous varieties of cakes in the world with each culture having its speciality.


The first birthday cake was made in Germany in the 15th century to commemorate birthday of Jesus, as some scholars believe. Then cakes were mostly used for the birthdays of young kids and referring the celebration as Kinderfest. During this period only cakes started getting different shapes and Germans gave the world special kind of cake – the concept of cake being baked in layers – called Geburtstagorten.







During 17th century icing on cake came into existence along with layers and decorations only for the elite class due to the high price of ingredients and baking tools and it was during 18th century only – as a result of Industrial Revolution – icing on the cake became affordable for the common mass.


Some historians claim that placing the candles on cakes has come from Ancient Greeks, who believed that the smoke from the candles carried their prayers to the Gods. Today, we are still following the same tradition of placing candles on the cake as we believe, that if one blows out all the candles in one breath, whatever wished for will come true.







The cake story is not yet mid-way, check out for more on ‘cakes’ in the coming article on “Unleavened Bread to Designer Cakes and the story further”.


We are here with list of some of the cake shops as suggested by our regular readers. Please feel free to add outlets with location and flavours in the comment section.




New Delhi:












Butterscotch, Fruit Truffle
Chocolate Truffle
Cakes & Bakes
Blueberry, Fresh Fruit
Select City Saket
Big Chill
Blueberry Cheese
Fruit Mousse
Sweet & Crusty (Eros Hotel)
Fresh Fruit Florida
Patel Nagar
Bake Club
Choco Truffle















Ninex Mall
The CupnCake Factory
Red Velvet, Chocolate
Sapphire Mall
Caramel Cake
Sec 31 Market
Bakers Oven
Red Velvet, Fresh Fruit
Sec 23 Market
Chocholate Truffle
Udyog Vihar Phase 5
De Cakery
Belgian Chocolate Ganache
Cyber Hub
Angels in my kitchen
Red Velvet














Sec 18
Top breads
Blue Berry, Dark Chocolate













Best Bake
Sir John Bakery
Blue Berry Cheese















Sec 35
Nik Baker’s
Truffle, Red Velvet
Sec 8 Monica’s Black Forest, Mud, Blue Berry Cheese




cake house



Location Outlet Flavour
Model Town Market Prakash Bakery Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Strawberry
Model Town Cake House Black Forest




rum cake



Location Outlet Flavour
The Mall Road Combermere Blue Berry Cheese
The Mall Road
City Point Bakery
















Main Rajpur Road
Ellora’s Melting Moments
Tiramisu, Blueberry, Dark Chocolate











Civil Lines
Mr Brown
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Arya Nagar
Modern Bakery
Chocolate Cake






mr brown










Ali Ganj
Mr Brown
Red Velvet


The cake story is not over with this, check out for more on cakes in the next article on “Unleavened Bread to Designer Cakes and the story further”.


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Love fried food? Try olive oil as it withstands the heat of the fryer or pan better than several other seed oils to yield healthier food.


Now you must be wondering - is olive oil good for you?








The researchers deep-and pan-fried raw potato pieces in four different refined oils – olive, corn, soybean and sunflower – and reused the oil 10 times.






They found that olive oil was the most stable oil for deep-frying at 320 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit, while sunflower oil degraded the fastest when pan-fried at 356 degrees Fahrenheit.


“For frying foods, olive oil maintains quality and nutrition better than seed oils,” said lead researcher Mohamed Bouaziz.






Different oils have a range of physical, chemical and nutritional properties that can degrade when heated.







Some of these changes can lead to the formation of new compounds that are potentially toxic.


By-products of heating oil can also lower the nutritional value of the food being fried.






The study was reported in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


Isn’t it a good news for all the lovers of fried food like samosas, jalebis, kachoris, puris, french fries…?


Hang on, here are few lesser known benefits of including olive oil in your diet:


Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids therefore lowers the risk of stroke, heart diseases, high blood pressure (hypertension), depression, breast cancer risk…


Helps control bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL).


Olive oil contains tons of antioxidants which keep your skin, heart and hair healthy.


Its a great natural moisturizer, for a younger looking skin start consuming and applying this nature’s wonderful gift.


It improves your sex life too as all your body organs function properly.


Needless to say, its boosts your immunity, helps fight several types of cancers and aids in living longer. Not a big price for your longevity. RIGHT?


Food cooked in olive oil is much tastier as compared to normal oil.


Boosts brain power and thereby helps improve concentration.


U.S Food and Drug Administration recommends an individual should consume 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily.


Hope these factors are enough to convince you to switch to olive oil and include it in your daily diet for new happy and healthier YOU!!!



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