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Indian food is heavily influenced by various religious and cultural choices. In every Indian food there is clear reflection of Indian culture. It is encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines. In every 20 km of distance you will find new food habits and different cuisines.

south_indian_foodBut in all those wide variety of regional cuisines some of cuisine are so poplar, like Kerala food, Rajasthani food, Kashmiri food, Punjabi food, Maharashtrian food, Bengali food and Gujarati food etc. Which are widely accepted across country. Let’s have a look on the food culture of South India.

When we speak about South India, it means we are speaking about Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh. The culture of these four states resemble more or less so it is been categorize as South India.

A. Food Culture of Karnataka

South India is an incredible land known for its rich cultural heritage. It is among the most culturally rich region of India. Travel to South India and explore and experience its rich culture by participating in its fairs and festivals. The cuisine of Karnataka includes many vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.

The varieties reflect influences from and to the food habits of many regions and communities from the three neighboring South Indian states, as well as the state of Maharashtra to its north.

food of Karnatak

Popular Karnataka Dishes are

Bisi bele bath, Jolada rotti, Chapati, Ragi rotti, Akki rotti, Saaru, Idli-vada Sambar, Vangi Bath, Khara Bath, Kesari Bath, Davanagere Benne Dosa, Ragi mudde, and Uppittu

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B.  Food Culture of Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu is famous for its deep belief that serving food to others is a service to humanity, as is common in many regions of India. The region has a rich cuisine involving both traditional non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. It is characterized by the use of rice, legumes and lentils. Its distinct aroma and flavour is achieved by the blending of flavorings and spices including curry leaves, mustard seeds, coriander, ginger, garlic, chili, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, coconut and rosewater.

Popular Tamilnadu Dishes are

Upma Kozhukattai( Uppurundai ), Kuzhi Paniyaram, Uthappam, Idly/vada kari, Murugal Dosai, Adai & Pudina chutney, Onion rava dosai, Aappam & Kurma, Kothu parotta, Rava Idly, Rava Dosai, Idiyaappam, Kancheepuram Idly, Puttu, Poori, Venpongal, Venpongal / Kathirikai gothsu, Naarthangai poori & Nelli mullu pachadi, Azhagar Dosai, Vazhakai cutlet, Kaara kozhukattai, Bonda

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C. Food culture of Andhrapradesh

The highlight of the Andhra Pradesh cuisine is the Hyderabadi food. It is famous for its rich and aromatic nature. Traditionally, Andhra cuisine is eaten on a banana leaf by people sitting on mats or small raised wooden seats. The Hyderabadi food uses fresh fruit instead of dried fruits. It is also famous for its non-vegetarian preparation and Lamb is the most widely used meat here. Biryani, one of India’s most popular foods of Andhra food.

Andhra thali

Popular Andhra food Dishes

Biryanis, ‘Kababs’, Boti Jhammi, Kalmi, Shikampur, Sheek, Lagan-ke-Kababs, Dum-ke-kababs, Kormas, Lukhmi, ‘Bagara Baingan, Tomato Qoot, Shahi Dahi Vadas

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D. Food Culture of Kerala:

The traditional food in Kerala is served on banana leaves and is eaten with right hand. You will find a huge variety of items and each will have a unique taste of its own. you will get a wide variety of gravy and non-gravy curries. Curd also forms an important part of the cuisine of Kerala. The local Kerala food includes a lot of coconut as that is grown aplenty in the coastal areas. Grated coconut is included in virtually every dish. Sea food such as fish, crabs, shellfish, lobsters are included in everyday cooking especially in the coastal regions.

Breakfast in a Malayali household may consist of one or more of the following dishes like Appam, Puttu, Idiyapam, Idli, Dosa, Idiyapam

Kerala Food

A traditional festival meal, Sadya or Saddya includes the following dishes:

Parripu (Dal), Sambar (Dal cooked with a slight tempering of vegetables like brinjal, drumstick, tomatoes etc), Rasam ( A clear soup), Avial (Assorted vegetables cooked in a paste of grated coconut and curd, spiced with cumin and green chillies)

Kaalan (Curry in a curd base), Theyal, Olan (Red beans and White Pumpkin cooked in coconut gravy), Thoran, Erisseri (Dal and Yam spiced with Cumin), Pulli Inji (Ginger pieces in a spicy tamarind pulp), Pachadi (Raita), Kichadi, Chips (Banana/ Tapioca/Jackfruit), Pradhaman/Payasam

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