Monsoon Food Festivals In Mumbai

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In the ever changing cycle Monsoon came with sweet drops of rain, pushing slowly to hot summer with pleasant cooling breeze. As regular fashion every season, every festivals of India brings a lot of food variety along with them when they arrives.

Welcoming to Monsoon in Mumbai be cool cool and have a look on Monsoon food festivals of Mumbai.

1. Desi Food Fest In Mumbai

Desi Food Fest in Mumbai
Who don’t  like food from Mom’s hand? But it is not always possible. Who don’t like to eat food of native place? But present workcultre keeps away people from home land.

So when it comes to desi food it is really interesting. Spices & Flavours of Mumbai at Ambala Joshi Marg, Hamam Street, Rajbahadur Mansion, Fort organizes Desi food feast. Don’t forget to visit for Panki Chatni, Mung Dal Chilla, Paneer Chilla, Bajri Khichu, Corn Handvo, Bajri Uttappam, Sabudana Khichadi, Sabudana Patties-Peanut Sauce, Dal Dhokli, Satpadi Roti-Gatta nu Shak, Shrikhand with Bedai Roti-Alu Shak, Rasse Wala Aloo and Tukkad, Panchkuti Dal-Lasun Tar Tariya & Tukkad, Fada Ni Khichdi and many more.

Venue: Spices & Flavours, Ambala Joshi Marg, Hamam Street, Rajbahadur Mansion, Fort, Mumbai

Event Time: Till 28th June 2013


2. Gujrati Food Fest

Gujrati food has always been known for its high nutritional value that serves both your taste as well as your health. Typical Gujarati food comprises of some lip-smacking and delicious dishes so as to offer you with some different flavors and dishes. The delectable and scrumptious Gujarati cuisine offers you with a decent variety of dishes that are prepared with an absolutely distinctive cooking style.

Gujrati Food Fest in Mumbai

You can bite into delicious gujrati specials like Panki chutney, Fada ni kichdi, Corn Handvo, Sabudana Kichdi,/sabudana Patties, Dal Dhokli, satpadi roti & gatta nu shak, Shrikhand with Bedai Roti-Alu Shak in Gujrati food fest.


3. Royal Hyderbadi Food Festival

Royal Hyderbadi Food Festival in Mumbai

Hyderabadi food especially Hyderabadi Biriyani is most famous food in South India. Royal Hyderabadi cuisine also draws on Arabic influences. Spices and herbs traditionally used in Andhra and Marathwada cuisine complement the meat to create a divine mix. Dum preparations that bring alive aromas of the spices from Golconda and Charminar and culinary delicacies like Murg Hyderabadi Seekh, Murg Paakeeza Kathi Kebabs, Khatta Murg Masala, Pudina Paneer and Mutton Hyderbadi Kacchi Biryani recreate a memorable Nawabi dining experience.

Event Venue: Jyran – Sofitel Hotel,Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), MumbaiEvent

Time: Till 30th June 2013


4. Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival in Mumbai

The Finest Flavours of Singapore at JW Marriott Mumbai! Familiarize yourselves with Singaporean cuisine cooked by our expert Chef Thanabalan.

Come and experience mouth-watering preparations of the signature dishes like Singapore Seafood Laska which is a preparation of thick coconut soup, mixed seafood, bean curd, quail egg, bean sprouts, and vermicelli noodles. One can also relish a delightful dish, Sambal Prawn, prepared with fresh prawns sauteed with Singaporean chili paste and many more…


5.Appetizer Fest

appetizer-fest in Mumbai

Summer is a wonderful time to prepare cool appetizer. If you are looking for easy party appetizers then Appetizer fest in Mumbai is the right place to Bite into delicious starters at Elbo room. Enjoy Veg Nawabi, Nachos, Crispy Thread Paneer,Grilled Chicken Sausages, Rangooni Kebab, Honey Smoked Chicken, Korean Lamb Chilly, Fish & Chips, Prawn & olive stick, Smoked Paneer Balsamic, Lebanese Shawarma, Chicken Wings on fire, sesame King Prawns, Crab, Chicken Chilly, Crispy Calamari.

Event Venue: Elbo Room, Sant Kutir, Behind Levis Showroom, Linking Road, Khar, Mumbai

Event Time: Till 20th July


6.Pasta Fest

Pasta Fest in Mumbai

Pasta is the simplest of Italian foods. It is the most widely known and can be found all over the world. Now a great pasta fest in Mumbai. Bite into delicious pasta’s at Spices & Flavours. Enjoy delicious pasta’s like Alfredo, Mixed Sauce, Green Pesto, Sizzling Pasta, Creamy Cheese Ball pasta, Nepolitana Pasta, All in one pasta, Paneer Tikka Pasta, Corn & Spinach Lasagne, Bake Corn Spinach, Veg Cannelloni.


7. Tandoor Fest

tandoori fest in Mumbai

Indian recipes are complex in flavor, known for its wide variety of spices used to create the many dishes. In Mumbai Tandoor fest  enjoy the delicious Tandoori Fest at Saffron Bay. Bite into tandoori delights like Tandoori Chicken, Murgh Tikka Angare, Pahadi Kebab, Murgh Malai Tikka, Raan-e-Tandoor, Mutton Chop, Mahi Re Mahi, Badshahi Jhingha, Sanson Machchi, Seekh Kebab Lucknowi, Paneer Tikka, Chote Nawab, Firagni Pasand, Broccoli Gulbahar, Malai Seekh Kebab.

Event Venue: Saffron Bay, 39B, Chowpatty Seaface, Charni Road, Mumbai

Event Time: 02 Jun – 23 Jul 2013



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