Dosa Recipe: How to Make Neer Dosa or Steam Dosa

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For most people the word dosa conjures up vivid  images of wafer thin, crisp and perfectly golden dosas served in South India. We will introduce you to it’s thinner and fairer cousin…

Steam Dosa…

neer dosa or Steam dosa in Bangalore

The Neer Dosa or steam dosa is icy white, extremely thin in texture and appears porous to the eye. This classic Udipi dish on the Mangalorean menu is a hot favourite purely because it is so easy to make. The batter (unlike dosas) does not need to be fermented and neer dosas can be whipped up in a jiffy!


Watered Down Crepe…

Neer in Kannada means water, which refers to the watery texture of this dosa batter. 2 cups of raw rice is soaked in equal proportions of water for about 3 hours. It is then ground with a cup of water and (3 tbsp) grated coconut till smooth. Another 2 cups of water is then added to the batter and set aside for an hour.



Heat a non-stick pan and pour a ladle of the batter, swirl and tilt the pan so that the batter spreads thin. Sprinkle a few drops of oil and cover the dosa with a plate  allowing it to cook in steam. Traditionally the Mangaloreans make it on a thick iron griddle called henchina kallu.


Serving Suggestions…

neer dosa recipe

Neer Dosa is served folded like a handkerchief. It goes best with piping hot sambar and chutney (either coconut, coriander or tomato). For die-hard non-vegetarians neer dosa is the perfect accompaniment to spicy mutton, chicken or fish curry. It can also be stuffed with powdered jaggery and coconut to give it a sweet twist.

If your mouth is already watering, follow us on the neer dosa trail: where you can  find the best dosa places in the Garden City of  Bangalore ?

  • Sana-Di-Ge restaurant is tucked away in Goldfinch Hotel, on Crescent Road and ranked as one of the few restaurants serving the best neer dosas in Bangalore. The soft, pliable dosas are complemented with rawa fried Bolanjir (silver fish), kori (chicken) stew or bangude (mackerel). Sana-Di-Ge is almost plush in setting.
  • Maiyas restaurant in Malleswaram rolls out the signature Udipi Neer Dosa with a flourish. Service is quick, and the ambience is far from posh, but clean. The piping hot filter coffee served in silver plated tumblers and makes for a good finale to the neer dosa feast!
  • Another restaurants known for its delicious Mangalorean fare is Pingara Family Restaurant in Koramangala. Far from a “family” restaurant, there’s a dimly lit bar in one corner. Attentive service vies with reasonable pricing and long, hungry queues.
  • Check out the neer dosa served at Swathi restaurant (west of chord road in Rajaji Nagar) . 5 pieces are priced at Rs 70 and it is served with their in-house specialties like chicken kundapura, chicken sukka, tawa fried chicken or seasonal seafood like fried pomfret, anjal or kane.
  • Coconut Grove Grand in Malleshwaram’s Mantri Square serves neer dosa with a choice of mutton curry, chicken gravy, prawn curry, seer fish (approximately Rs. 150) or a veg curry (Rs. 60) swathed in coconut milk.


Next time you’re in Bangalore, don’t miss out on this treat…Just visit to restaurants in Bangalore to find the kind of food you are looking for.



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