10 Simple Diet Tips to Gain Weight

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Everybody speaks about diet plans to lose weight. Have you ever faced a situation to put on weight? Well, if your answer is yes, this is for you. A fair amount of population is suffering from under weight, lean figure and like obesity; Sub-Zero size is not good either.

There are many people who always wanted to add a few kilos to look rounder and healthier. Unfortunately, they fall prey to unnecessary supplements and unhealthy junk food to put on weight. Presented are some ideas to put on weight in a healthier way.


Special Diet for the Vegetarians


Increase the amount of carbohydrates you eat to gain weight as a vegetarian.

Ensure that 60% of your daily calories come from carbohydrates.




Add a serving of grains, such as white rice or oatmeal, to each meal.




white rice


Try eating a pasta-based dish to help you get carbohydrates and gain weight.


 pasta lunch


Once in a while feel free to have pizza! Now who does not love cheese oozing pizza?


pizza cafe


Consume enough protein in your meals to help you put on weight.

10% of your daily calories should be protein

Beans and nuts are quality sources of protein for a vegetarian diet.




Dry fruits have more calories than the fresh fruits. Have a bowl of dry fruits every day.



Milk, Yogurt should necessarily be a part of your daily routine. Butter and Cheese can be consumed without any guilt.


milk milk




Snacking – Everyone loves this idea, but only a few have the luxury of having it. Here the whole point is to “Snack Healthy”. Don’t indulge on Chips and other junk items too often, although you have more scope than others who are obese.

Milk Shakes, Fruit juices and Soya Milk


Strawberry milkshake


Peanuts, Almonds and Walnuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats.




For others (means non – vegetarian people)

For others, there is a much greater variety. All the above mentioned plus the ones that are recommended below…

One can indulge in Salmon, Tuna, Egg, Chicken and Meat.


Meat, mutton


Food habits that help you gain weight

Chew your food well. It improves digestion. Avoid beverages like coffee, colas during the meal or immediately after one. Ensure you do not put anything more than 5 KGs a month. Keep a tab of your weight increase regularly.

Cook smartly, using a wide variety of food choices that are beneficial for health. Eat well and sleep well. This goes in a long way to maintain a healthy YOU.

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